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We locate, test, remove, remediate, and install Underground (UST) and Aboveground (AST) storage tanks. From multi-vessel industrial tank fields to residential sites, our work makes the upgrade, switch, closure, cleanup, or sales… easier. We do the hard work to get the job done right the first time with the proper permits, documentation, and closure reports. We provide FREE estimates and site-specific proposals for tank removals and installations. EMG can interpret the multiple layers of storage tank regulations, testing protocols, and remediation options to help you simplify decisions.

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  • Underground and Aboveground Tanks
  • 20,000-gallon Commercial/Industrial Tanks to 240-gallon Residential Capacity
  • Installation and Repairs
  • Leak Detection and Testing
  • Cleaning and Disposal
  • Removal and In-Place Closure
  • DEP-Certified and Fully Insured
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Underground and Aboveground Tanks

Steel, concrete and/or fiberglass storage containers installed inside or outside a building are classified as storage tanks. They are installed above grade or under ground, typically for storage of petroleum products, heating oil, solvents, or caustic chemicals. They vary in construction, dimension, shape, capacity, installation, stability, and corrosion resistance. They are regulated by the PaDEP and EPA based on their use and contents. We strive to reduce the impact of removal on property while verifying a clean tank bed, ensuring proper disposal and providing crucial documentation.

Resident, Commercial and Industrial Tanks

240-Gallon to 20,000-Gallon Storage Capacity

With more than 20-years of experience, EMG Remediation provides the equipment, expertise and personnel to evaluate any residential or industrial capacity tank. Our capability assures smooth, uncomplicated remediation.

Installation and Repairs

When a tank system requires replacement, we provide the experience to install a new system, or when necessary, repairs to the existing components. All new installations comply with the current PaDEP and local regulations and use upgraded materials no assure a long lasting and safe tank system.

Leak Detection and Testing

Leak detection and system testing may be required by the PaDEP, lenders, insurance companies or buyers to determine whether an existing or prior tank system has leaked. We provide dependable and prompt leak detection of tanks, piping, cathodic protection vapor recovery, and soil sampling and analysis. All testing is followed by a written report to clearly state the leak detection status of the tank system.

Cleaning and Disposal

In cases where unidentified tanks are encountered during demolition activities or when the contents of tank are changed, EMG Remediation will provide interior cleaning of tanks. Our technicians follow all OSHA confined space entry regulations and test the tank atmosphere for lower explosive limit and oxygen content during cleaning activities. All tank contents are properly containerized and shipped for recycling or disposal to permitted facilities. Disposal manifests are provided for all tank contents.

Removal and In-Place Closure Services

Site circumstances, local municipalities, and permit restrictions vary by tank use, capacity and location. In almost all cases, underground utility mark-out and local permits are required. In a Tank Removal, the tank is pumped out, excavated, cut open, cleaned, sampled and removed. The removed tank is typically shipped offsite the same day as removal and disposal manifests, tank recycling receipts and laboratory results are provided with Final Closure Report. The tank excavation is typically backfilled with imported clean fill, tamped, and graded with the overburden.

With In-Place Closure, tank contents are pumped out, soil is excavated to the tank top, a manhole port is cut into the tank, tank interior is hand-cleaned, soil below the tank is sampled, tank is filled with foam or concrete, and then the excavation is backfilled to grade. Tank recycling receipts and laboratory results are provided with the Final Closure Report.

DEP-Certified and Fully Insured

The Pennsylvania Storage Tank and Spill Prevention Act (Act 32 of 1989) and DEP regulations established a certification program for installers and inspectors of aboveground and underground storage tanks. Only DEP certified storage tank installers and/or inspectors may install, modify, remove or inspect regulated storage tanks.

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