Contain. Recover. Restore.

When you need fast, reliable response for spill cleanup, EMG can help. EMG contains spills, manages occupant concerns, fulfills sampling protocols, and remediates contamination. Our work makes your job easier. Since 1989, we have been helping property owners, oil companies, insurance companies, architects, developers, realtors, contractors, schools and financial institutions across the tri-state area with urgent environmental situations. With professional, knowledgeable service, we respect cost constraints, time limitations, and quality assurance.

If you have an environmental spill, please give us a call. We can help.

  • Prompt Emergency Response
  • Product Recovery
  • Surface Spills: Containment, Material Recovery, Cleanup, and Restoration
  • Underground Leaks: Detection and Remediation
  • Site Restoration
  • Structural Excavation and Shoring
  • Waste and Soil Removal
  • Certified Manifest Disposal

Prompt Emergency Response

Immediate response reduces the extent of the loss and minimizes the impact to the site and the environment. We provide prompt response to stabilize the spill and manage the impact to the site. Through the use of engineering controls most sites do not require evacuation during any phase of the remediation.

Product Recovery

We use state of the art equipment including pump trucks, vacuum tankers, conveyor systems, and sub-slab ventilation systems to provide efficient product recovery and subsequent proper disposal.

Surface Spills

Containment, Material Recovery, Cleanup and Restoration

In the event of a surface spill we combine our emergency response and product recovery to minimize impact to the site then delineate the extent of contamination through sample collection where applicable. The end goal is to keep the use of the site uninterrupted during the remediation activities.

Underground Leaks

Detection and Remediation

When an underground leak is detected or suspected, we use our soil sampling equipment to confirm the leak and delineate its extent. Through the use of excavation equipment, we promptly excavate the impacted material, properly dispose of the contamination, and restore the site to prior conditions.

Site Restoration

In conjunction with our remediation, we provide restoration of the site to pre-existing or better conditions. Through our in-house services and a network of subcontractors, we can provide anything from masonry and plumbing to painting and carpeting.

Structural Excavation and Shoring

When the contamination involves structural components of buildings such as footers and support beams, we provide extensive experience and the services of a structural engineer to protect the building while providing safe working conditions for complete Remediation. Typical structural remedies include the use of mini-piles, helical piers, and footer underpinning to allow the required digging depths.

Waste and Soil Removal

Subsequent to the removal of contamination, we will containerize and ship the contaminated waste to approve disposal facilities for recycling, landfill, or thermal treatment, as applicable. As a matter of policy and liability reduction, all waste is recycled or thermally treated when possible.

Certified Manifest Disposal

Certified Manifests, recycling receipts, or certificates of destruction are provided for all wastes generated during our remediation.

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