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Every site and every client have unique circumstances and questions. Listed below are some frequently asked questions we hear from clients.  If you do not see what you are looking for listed in Environmental Consulting FAQs, please give us a call at 1.800.673.7830.

How do I find reliable environmental services?

This question is one of the reasons we have grown our business and diversified our services: to meet the needs of our clients. Too often we found people searching for a reliable, comprehensive approach to their environmental needs. EMG provides a wide range of services that cover most environmental challenges. If we don’t offer it, we can help you find what you need.  The Washington State Department of Ecology provides a report on How to Select an Environmental Consulting Firm. The general guidelines provide useful suggestions and recommendations on selecting a reputable company.

Do I need consulting and/or remediation services?

In 2008, EMG, Inc. and the company principals, Ron Spencer and Kurt Spiess, diversified and specialized services under two separate operations. Environmental Management Group concentrates primarily on consulting and testing. EMG Remediation Services focuses on engineering, contracting, and remediation. Both groups provide overlap and support while differentiating enough to hone specialized expertise to offer the best possible service to clients.

I don’t know what I need? Who do I call?

Every site and every client has unique specifications and questions. Call: 1.800.673.7830. With one call, you will get answers from two experts. If we don’t provide the service you need, we can help you find a reputable company that does.

How long does it take to schedule a job?

Once we receive a signed contract, jobs are typically started within five to ten business days. Certain jobs require mandatory notification periods for federal, state or local agencies prior to initiating work. If this applies to your site, EMG will communicate that information in the proposal contract. As soon as all necessary permits and notifications are completed, we will schedule a start date that is convenient for you.

Does EMG provide references?

Yes. We do not post our client list or our client names on the website to protect their privacy. If you would like to speak with one of our satisfied customers, please let us know. We can provide a like-service client who would be happy to tell you about their experience with us.

What’s the difference between environmental consulting and environmental remediation services?

Environmental consultants identify, qualify, and interpret environmental concerns. They are often involved in site research, coordinating various sampling protocols, and writing reports such as Phase I site evaluations. Remediation firms are involved in the engineering and implementation of the work necessary to address the environmental issue, clarify suspect contamination, and resolve site challenges. For example, a consultant may evaluate a property for a history of underground storage tanks. A remediation firm finds the tank, removes the tank, cleans the tank, excavates contaminated soil, and provides the proper disposal and closure documentation. EMG provides both consulting and remediation services in-house.

Do consultants do environmental testing?

Some consultants provide in-house sampling for limited, labor-intensive testing such as wipe samples or air samples. When excavation equipment or manual labor is required, such as with soil sampling, many consultants use subcontractors and third party vendors. EMG provides both consulting and remediation services in-house.

Does it cost money just to speak to a consultant?

EMG provides free initial consultation to clients. In addition, clients receive a written proposal for billable services before costs accrue to ensure clear communication. Generally, conversations, advice, reviews, lab analysis, site visits, sampling, research, writing, reports, or significant time are considered billable services.

Have a specific question? Call Ron Spencer at 1-800-673-7830