Navigate Regulations.

Have an environmental concern? Not sure where to start? Reliable, customer-focused environmental consulting can help.  Ron Spencer, who heads EMG’s affiliated consulting division, helps property owners, architects, developers, realtors, contractors, schools and financial institutions across the tri-state area navigate environmental regulations. For more than 25 years, we have simplified jargon and clarified options. With professional, knowledgeable service, EMG respects cost constraints, time limitations, and quality assurance.LEARN MORE


Inspection, Testing, and Air Monitoring

EMG provides expertise in a full range of asbestos-related matters. Our certified technicians conduct asbestos material inspections and asbestos air monitoring in any type of building. We can supply next-day laboratory results for suspect asbestos material samples, and we can give timely analytical results for asbestos air sampling.LEARN MORE

Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I Reports, Transaction Screens, and Customized Site Assessments

EMG offers a variety of Environmental Site Assessments and follow-up testing services. The Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) are categorized as Transaction Screens, Customized Site Assessments, and Phase I Reports. The type or level of assessment is dependent upon lender/buyer requirements, budget constraints, and turnaround time. Follow-up testing, if necessary, is frequently referred to as a “Phase II” Environmental Assessment. “Phase III” refers to remediation which includes cleanup of contamination and/or monitoring systems. Regardless of whether your site is residential, commercial or industrial, EMG has extensive, ESA experience.LEARN MORE

Mold and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Inspection and Testing

Highly publicized and often misunderstood, mold can present unique challenges at work and home. Any significant mold growth, regardless of type, can cause health issues when an individual is exposed for a prolonged period or has underlying health challenges. Many real estate transactions now require testing and/or remediation for buildings with a history or visual evidence of water infiltration (poor drainage, floods, storm damage…). LEARN MORE

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